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About Our Soups

Nestled in Kootenai County in the picturesque city of Coeur d’Alene, Ski Slope Soups began in country kitchens around the United States using several family recipes, also Private Country Clubs and 4-5 Star hotels signature recipes were used from our clients. Most of these clients were using Kirsch’s Gourmet products nationally since 2004. The idea came during a 9-hour flight back from Maui to Dallas in 2016, and a business plan was completed and new vision was ready for development and rollout.

Using Master Culinary-Trained Chefs our homemade Organic Soups are Non-GMO. We used only the finest ingredients to create hearty soups and dishes that have won raves. Soon folks wanted to be able to purchase these at their local stores. As word of mouth spread, people from far and wide could not get enough of these great tasting recipes.

Ski Slope Soups continues the tradition of delivering delicious, satisfying soups just like mom used to make. We still use only the highest quality organic ingredients and our own special blend of spices. By making them so simple to prepare yet so hearty and satisfying, we have created the perfect meal occasion for the whole family while skiing on the slopes or at home. Enjoy them as is, or make them your own by adding your favorite additional fresh vegetables or grilled meats.

Ski Slope Soups became a reality in 2017, when Nicholas and Cindy spent a year in Colorado and Wyoming doing proof of concept with restaurants and hotels. Today after careful consideration, Coeur d’Alene is now home to this concept.

Their experience in the food industry spans more than 40 years. Coupled with Nicholas private equity, banking and business background, Ski Slope Soups was born with a vision of continued quality.

To this day, Nicholas and Cindy continue to operate Kirsch’s Gourmet and Ski Slope Soups under these principles: Faith in God, Family, Honesty, and a Commitment to provide quality products and services to their customers.

Our Promise to Our Clients Nationwide

Our Ski Slope Soups family is serving the customer with exceptional product quality, good value, consistency, and courteous service, while promoting strong vendor relationships and building employee loyalty.

Our Organic Soups are Non-GMO and great for our various Ski Resort locations or even easy to use in foodservice ready-to-serve. Because our soups are fresh refrigerated, there is no need to thaw. Our soups heat quickly and are ready to look and taste great throughout the day.

Nicholas & Cindy continue their family’s traditions in the homemade food industry.

Enjoy Ski Slope Soups!